Dancing is a good form of recreation. In some cultures, dancing is a way to express joy when celebrating certain occasions.

Not everyone can imitate dancers and their capabilities. Nobody can masquerade as a dancer because his true dancing capabilities can be assessed by everyone immediately. The results are there for everyone to see and judge.

The majority of people in many other occupations, however, can masquerade their false capabilities in front of the layman. These false talents can pretend to be what they are not. It is just play-acting. They just play-act their designated roles in the respective vocations without raising suspicions in others. They are some of the incompetent doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, lecturers, engineers, politicians, etc. in our midst today. Their play-acting has brought them very far in the professions. They are the real masqueraders.

The masqueraders need to show results too. It is through the results of the efforts put in by people that determine their true worth.

For example, after 48 years of teaching and learning English using the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Approach yielding nothing but FAILURES UPON FAILURES for the majority of Malaysians, don’t the results show clearly the failure of the CLT Approach practitioners, Malaysians and native speakers alike? That is nearly half-a-century. Do they need another half-a-century to improve the standard of English among Malaysians? How else would one describe the achievements of the CLT Approach practitioners, Malaysians as well as foreigners? A successful failure?

Let’s take another glaring example in another field for everyone to see and judge. When leaders of some countries don’t lead their citizens to better economic and financial prospects, don’t the results show clearly that these leaders have failed in their political leadership roles? Don’t the results matter? When the results in the economic field show that the citizens in one country are dying of hunger and malnourishment, shouldn’t the leader be blamed for leading that country to such a state? How else would one put it? Good and caring statesmanship? Tell it to the hungry and malnourished citizens of that country.

When a business entity keeps making losses for decades, thereby prompting financial bailouts by a government to keep that business afloat, don’t the results show clearly that the concern has been badly run for decades? How else would one put it? Profitable losses?

Do the majority of people work for free? Don’t they get paid for work done after a certain period of time? Aren’t the RESULTS of their efforts at the workplace in the form of wages or salaries?

One must open his eyes to observe REALITY through the RESULTS of an attempt achieved by an individual or a group of people.

The GOOD RESULTS show that they are the right people in the respective occupations.

The BAD RESULTS show that they are the wrong people in the respective occupations.

The RESULTS speak for themselves and they speak VOLUMES.