A soldier’s first duty is to obey orders and he does it truthfully with all his heart, mind, soul and strength. A good and dutiful soldier never ever entertains the idea of betraying his country as it is tantamount to betraying his Creator. A group of good and dutiful soldiers will ultimately produce a fighting force to be reckoned with in any conflict or warzone.

Enter the politician. Politicians have their own plans to serve their interests most of the time. As they have “access to facts” which the layman is not privy to, politicians can wage wars or create conflicts in distant lands just to fulfil their interests.

These interests may be good or bad for the citizens of the country. If they are good, that is fine. If they are bad, they can take a terrible toll on the soldiers fighting in the warzones as the families of these soldiers will suffer too back home.

Is there a price that good and obedient soldiers pay for the rhetoric of wily politicians with interests?

God and Country. This phrase can whip up a lot of emotions among the population of a country. Many loyal soldiers have laid down their precious lives for this phrase.