Have you ever wondered why some people are suited for certain occupations? It is as though they are meant to do those occupations.

Some people are good at what they do but some people just mess things up or they just pretend that they know what they are doing. There are many pretenders, who are unintelligent and who are real copycats, in the world today.

They copy the way of their predecessors or superiors who have contributed much to the respective professions. These copycats are in every vocation and they don’t possess much intelligence as well as common sense to solve issues related to their work quickly and successfully. Instead, they rely very much on others’ thinking to extricate themselves out of terrible blunders or they have many earlier role models to guide them. Nothing is theirs. Everything is borrowed from others. In short, they lack originality of thought.

Many copycats can be found in positions of leadership. For instance, some leaders of countries don’t possess any leadership qualities but they run countries. They are not even supposed to be leaders of countries, and yet somehow they managed to land the coveted posts of political leadership through trickery and deceit.

When they become leaders, they don’t introduce fresh and new thoughts pertaining to economic issues plaguing their respective countries. They don’t seem to be doing anything different from their predecessors. In fact, they are bankrupt of ideas.

As they don’t show anything new and refreshing for their citizens to emulate, these “leaders” become boring and stale. When these “leaders” open their mouths, it is only BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. There is nothing new, original and refreshing really. They just rant and rave.

In contrast, intelligent leaders are brimming with ideas or they work with intelligent and like-minded individuals as they are to contribute fresh insights concerning various challenges facing a country and its citizens. It all boils down to intelligence. Intelligence is quickness of understanding and it is not acquired through an education alone. Leaders with less intelligence just berate others for their glaring failures. Such leaders will never admit that they are wrong.

Have you also wondered why the leaders of some countries lack the oomph to lead? The answer is very simple. They are the “MADE LEADERS” who don’t possess any leadership qualities and skills at all. For that reason, they don’t make any impact on those who are led. These “made leaders” lack inspiration and they don’t inspire others to think and do differently. These “made leaders” lack the bearing and the commanding appearance of real leaders. These “made leaders” are copycats who copy the leadership qualities of real leaders. To sum it all up, these “made leaders” can never equal the true leaders who are born and not made in terms of intelligence and real leadership qualities.

From their mannerisms and actions, one can safely conclude that the fake leaders who are the “made leaders” have a very limited outlook on the real life experienced daily by the layman as they are totally indifferent to the plight of ordinary people. These fake leaders just float aimlessly in mid-air.

The fake leaders don’t understand what the ordinary citizens go through in their daily lives. The fake leaders live in ivory towers in moated castles away from the citizens who toil for their living in the villages and the cities day and night. From time to time, the fake leaders along with their “court jesters” will make their appearances to the masses and articulate soundly about their relevance to lead the ordinary people in times good and bad. But in their heart of hearts, the fake leaders, who are just play-acting, don’t give two hoots about their citizens’ well-being.

Where does that leave the ordinary citizens when such fake leaders helm their nations?


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