English can never be the lingua franca of the world. It has many contenders that aspire to be the lingua franca of the world. For many people, this is great news.

English is a major headache for many races in the world as they are just not cut out or suited to learn the language. As English is not a “straight-forward” language, the headaches grow deeper and more painful for these races to learn it. With the many exceptions spread throughout its grammar, sentence structures, variety in sentence-building, etc., the teaching and learning of English can be a monumental task even for the English people.

In an effort to minimise the numerous headaches prevalent in teaching and learning English in the current day, a lot of approaches have been advanced. By doing so, it is hoped that the fear of learning the language among the masses around the world can be eradicated. It is a mighty fine endeavour on the part of those who have advanced these approaches.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. When all these various approaches yield no practical and tangible results in English proficiency and usage among learners for decades, something is definitely wrong with the approaches used and the practitioners who advanced them.

It is futile to argue with arrogant and misguided people. It is not their fear of teaching or learning English. It is their inability to teach or learn the English language as the majority in some of the world’s races are just not suited for it. They should admit it. For that reason, they hide their inadequacies behind their pride which is their mother-tongues. Their mothers must be very proud of them. They vehemently clamour for the relevance of their mother-tongues for all eternity even though THE WORLD IS ENGLISH in terms of economic progress.

Only funny people resort to strumming guitars, telling stories, singing songs and dancing to teach and learn English. Only funny people resort to fun in teaching and learning English. Maybe it’s in their DNA to remain as funny people forever. That is perfectly understandable.

Can English proficiency and usage among users improve without the element of seriousness? The economic scenario around the world is very serious, and yet funny people persist in doing what they do.

People who are brutally honest about their shortcomings concerning any endeavour related to their everyday lives will eventually make the right progress.

The real truth hurts but it will propel us to better outcomes when we take stock of our real abilities.

Can people who are not proficient in the English language take on life with all its manifold and serious challenges in the global economic community?

World! Here we come!


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