Governments run on the supply of money. Governments don’t run on the supply of water or praises to God. Least of all, governments don’t run on faith in God alone.

War costs money. A government itching for war must realise the costs involved when war plans don’t proceed accordingly. Otherwise, the coffers of the state will disappear quickly as it tries its best to finance the cost of a protracted war with an enemy nation.

Peace costs money too. To run the daily activities of a state requires prudent planning in terms of money well-spent for its peaceful existence. Even during peaceful times, the coffers of a state need to be maintained to finance its services to its citizens. Without money, everything comes to a standstill.

War as well as peace can afford some greedy politicians and their cronies opportunities to make money for themselves.

The supply of money is needed for war and also peace. Without money, nothing happens.

Moreover, no amount of religiosity can finance any endeavour. The religious bigots from all persuasions need to etch this statement into their thick skulls. Try praising God on an empty stomach and watch if He definitely and quickly answers one’s prayers during pressing times.

Therefore, the rapacity of the governing class and the religious fervour displayed by some members of a state must be controlled by a stronger electorate to safeguard the public finance of a country.

The economy of a country functions smoothly in the absence of greed and extreme religiosity exhibited by some members of the country.


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