Time reveals many things. Time also reveals the true character of people. In time, everyone will know the truth about somebody or some event. The true nature of people and events cannot be concealed for too long. Eventually, they must be exposed.

Global economic events are being exposed for what they really are. It has become a norm to hear negative news about the world’s economy every day. Where does that leave the common man?

As usual, the common man strives to make the best of economic opportunities available to him. He does not aspire after overnight riches. As long as he can meet his basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, he will keep struggling. His motto is “GO WITH THE FLOW”.

The flow of economic events locally and globally may not be in the layman’s favour but he knows that he must be contented with what he receives. After all, he is not in a position to fight circumstances which are out of his control. He can only fight what is within the ambit of his control. As for the rest of his circumstances, he leaves them to a higher power to sort things out for him.

Man is about to realise the futility of his control over economic events that will yield him the handsomest benefits. He is about to find out how puny he really is in uncontrollable situations on the economic front. Gradually, he is being sucked into the middle of a whirlpool where he loses all strength and power to fight back. He is at the mercy of Nature that is in the midst of putting things aright, economically and financially.

Nature tolerates abuses for some time but she hits back like a fury when she can’t tolerate abuses anymore. And in her rage, she breaks everything asunder and casts everyone as well as everything to the wind. It is a state of disordered confusion – TOPSY-TURVY.


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