At the primary stage, the English language should be left as it is. Prominence should be given to the Competence part of the language rather than the Literary part of the language. When stripped to its bare essentials via the Competence part, learning the English language can be quite Herculean. But it is sorely needed. Coupled with the study of analysis as well as synthesis apart from grammar, students will be forced to think before they write or speak. And naturally, they will not hesitate to convey their thoughts on paper as they already know the right way of presenting their thoughts. In this way, errors will be very much minimised. Upon such a thorough grounding in grammar, analysis and synthesis, a young learner in the primary school can become a confident writer and speaker of the English language in his secondary and tertiary studies; what’s more, he will be a competent user of the language in his future vocation.


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