Recently, my wife’s friend, an Indian national living in Indonesia, narrated a true life story of how a man in India turned his life around for the better. It is a story suitable to be told in the present times.

Left poor and destitute, that man in India tried many ways of earning an income. One fine day, he chanced upon an opportunity to make money just enough to sustain himself and his family members – selling chicken pooh, which was gathered from the villages in India, overseas. He started exporting it in small quantities and he gradually exported it in large quantities. Over a period of time, he became a millionaire. Now, that is what I call true grit.

A motivational guru should seek this Indian national and sign a book deal with him. It will be an instant best-seller on motivation during these difficult economic times. Many people obsessed with motivational books will definitely buy it. You can sell anything to anybody.

The above story can indeed be very soothing to a troubled soul who is trying to make sense of all the happenings concerning the world economy today. Perhaps, the troubled soul needs to observe the opportunities around him more closely. Nothing should be left to chance.


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