It is an age of extraordinary surprises and shocks. Many traditional and popular beliefs about things concerning our everyday lives are being uprooted. Our faith is being tested to the utmost, literally. It is an age in which we will carry on with our ordinary existence or struggle for existence, economically.

Americans pride themselves on being custodians and promoters of democracy in their own country and around the world. When one of their own wins the election to choose the next president, some Americans deride and castigate him as someone unfit to lead the country. He is branded as someone who is incapable to administer and steer the country to greater heights.

In a fully-functioning democracy, one is entitled to his opinions on a variety of matters. So long as anybody’s opinion does not threaten another member’s safety and security in a civil society, he is allowed to express that opinion without fear or favour. And some even have the right to express their anger on how policymakers should chart the future course of a country for the better. It is a sort of jolt for the political establishment not to forget the ordinary man, who has his needs too, on the street.

True leaders are born, not made. The most unlikely person to be a leader today can be the most suitable leader tomorrow. Only time will tell who is to be a leader in the future.

Riding on a wave of anger among the working-class whites in America, Mr. Donald Trump has emerged as the next President-elect of the United States of America. Mr.Trump’s rhetoric prior to the election depicted him to be in favour of the majority whites in America. As such, Mr. Trump has also represented himself to be very much in favour of the religion practised by the majority of whites in America, Christianity.

The minority groups, who are not white and Christian in America, view the recent developments with trepidation. The minority groups are entitled to their beliefs.

In a democracy, there is always a great amount of give and take to make civil society better. The various groups of different races, colours and creeds in America need to make many adjustments to carry America forward.

It remains to be seen if President-elect Trump can engage wisely with the various groups in America to make it a bastion of democracy for the whole world. It remains to be seen if President-elect Trump will also engage with the rest of the world or disengage with the rest of the world.


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