Everyone wants to look good and feel good. It’s perfectly natural.

Can everyone look good and feel good all the time? None can.

Appearances can be kept up for eternity. All one has to do is to blow the trumpet of goodness everywhere. It serves to maintain the relevance of goodness on all fronts in one’s environment. Though some parts of the goodness show contrary results to what is being promoted, keep the goodness alive and kicking. When every sucker in town buys into that “goodness thing”, it’s a successful sale. It’s a signed and sealed deal.

“There is a sucker born every minute” is a saying that holds true even till today.

“Let your own discretion be your tutor” – Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. When the majority of suckers don’t use their discretion to assess the extent some situations can have detrimental effects on their livelihood, their fates are signed and sealed forever.

That is when the look good and feel good factors go caput.




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