When you (the Malaysian reader) know very well that an approach used to teach and learn English hasn’t delivered the vital results in English proficiency and usage among Malaysians for the past 47 years (do you even know the meaning of this figure?), why are you still clinging on to it?

The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Approach used to teach and learn English in Malaysia since 1970 has reduced even the WHO’S WHO in Malaysia to babblers of the language on international platforms. And you (the Malaysian reader) are so pissed-off when one of your citizens doesn’t speak English as it is supposed to be spoken on international platforms.

For a change, why don’t you look within your country’s visions, missions and objectives of English teaching and learning using the CLT Approach that led one of your WHO’S WHO to show to the rest of the world how the majority of Malaysians speak and write English back at home.

How about the millions of Malaysians who can’t speak and write English well at home? Are you really proud of their English proficiency and usage? But you are very quick to find fault with the English proficiency of the WHO’S WHO. Have you even wondered how did the WHO’S WHO end up in that state of affairs?

Before you point your finger at the standard of English possessed by the WHO’S WHO, point your finger at the Malaysian CLT Approach practitioners who have “churned out” such incompetents by the millions in this country for the past 47 years.

Look at the CAUSE (the CLT Approach to teach and learn English with its practitioners) and the EFFECT (inability to use English well among most Malaysians).

Who are the REAL CULPRITS responsible for the atrocious standard of English among Malaysians today?



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