Hungry ghosts are on the loose. For a month or so, they will be on holiday on earth. It is a breather from the excruciating toil and drudgery of hell bestowed on these hungry ghosts by the numero uno. The numero uno knows how these ghosts toil in hell for the rest of the year.

What about the numero unos running some countries? Do they know that their citizens need a breather from the normal day-to-day economic hardships? Perhaps, these numero unos should also give a holiday to their citizens for a month or so. In this manner, their citizens can experience what it is like to be free from everyday economic drudgery. Recreation does have its benefits.

The recreation will help some sections of the citizenry to see things and events in proper perspective. It will open up their minds to contrary opinions concerning the administration of a country. As they are on holiday for a month or so, I’m sure they will have ample time to digest all the information thoroughly.

Is it possible for the numero unos of these countries to allow their citizens time off for a month?


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