Most people love to eat cakes. When the cakes are fully-baked, the taste is even better as they give a sense of satisfaction to people who eat them. There is no doubt that much effort has been put in by the cook to bake the cakes.

Ordinary people don’t have to be chefs to judge the taste of a dish served to them. They can always differentiate the good taste from the bad taste in food.

Can ordinary people differentiate the well-educated individuals from the less-educated individuals today? When individuals from both groups possess strings of degrees, masters and doctorates, on what basis can the common man tell one from the other?

In today’s fast-paced world, academic qualifications can even be bought online when a person is willing to part with his money and give it to dubious institutes offering such paper qualifications. Although that is not the practice in ALL cases, the intellectually half-baked individuals can still gain admission into public and private universities the world over.

These intellectually half-baked nincompoops adopt the practice of “copy and paste” to complete their given assignments. The WWW is a great helper for them in the area of assignments. There is no need for them to rack their brains to understand their respective subject-matters. In addition, they can just pass their assignments to people who are capable of completing the assignments for a fee.

Go through the required years of study to complete the degree, masters or doctorate. Consider the duration of study as a vacation.

After obtaining their qualifications through dubious means supported in some cases by governments, these students are stamped as educated people worthy of being hired by the public and private sectors of their respective countries.

It is an endorsement for mountebanks to masquerade as well-educated individuals. And their governments have the audacity to bemoan the inability of their graduates from public and private universities to secure employment.

When one comes across an individual who claims to be an educated person, ask oneself: “Is this person fully-baked or half-baked, intellectually?”


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