The political institution composed of its members called politicians in ANY country can be deemed as a guardian of the state and its citizens. Hence, a political institution tasked to manage the affairs of the state as well as its citizens must be responsible in carrying out its activities for the betterment of the citizens and the continued existence of the state.

When the political institution has been appropriated by individuals interested only in selfish aims and gains, it becomes polluted. Then, the political institution resembles a bawdy-house. All kinds of thievery are committed to enhance its legitimacy in every sphere involving the administration of the state.

The said political institution runs riot. Theft and decadence spread unchecked. The selfish aims and gains of these corrupted politicians become the be-all and end-all of everything. The rule of law is turned into the rule of apes.

Aping their distant cousins in the jungle, these decadent politicians “swing” from agencies to agencies within the government machinery of the countries concerned to contaminate those agencies with the agendas of the political masters. And the agencies, which are filled with sympathizers of the said political institutions governing those countries, will further broaden the ideologies of the political masters through subtle activities meant for the citizenry.

Some sections of the citizenry are willing listeners and partakers of these political ideologies perpetuated through the government agencies. A common bond is established from the top to the bottom. The subtle rallying cry is APE DON’T KILL APE.

This political bastardy gives birth to political bastards whose sole aim is to destroy the state from within. A POLITICAL BASTARD is a politician who manipulates in a cunning way his political career for pecuniary profit in all endeavours found in a state. The same applies to a POLITICAL BITCH as well.

Decadence must eventually meet its death. The law of the jungle must be replaced by the law of nature.

When the true law of nature takes its “natural” course, not even God in heaven can come to save the people of those countries where the political bastardy is rife.


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