Holding roadshows on various sectors in an economy are effective in reaching the end consumers. They showcase the latest in an industry to consumers who will be the buyers of products or services offered.

Political gatherings can be construed as roadshows as well. They showcase the latest developments taking place in political parties entrusted to govern by the electorate of a country. Sometimes, these gatherings exhibit the rottenness inherent in the very basic structures of political parties. As usual, the leaders of these political parties assume too much.

They assume the electorate consists of people who are ignorant of their basic rights as citizens of a country. Again and again, these political leaders resort to various tricks that will serve to beguile and mislead the electorate. Again and again, the electorate is forced to swallow the demagogy of these political leaders without question.

At times, the demagogy can be a garrulous affair. It becomes a yelling and shouting affair accompanied by the raising of fists into thin air. The whole episode depicts a group of charlatans bent on retaining the status quo of being the front-runners in managing a country’s affairs. As the yelling and shouting of these political leaders gets louder and louder and louder, the electorate begins to count the days of the said country’s descent to OBLIVION.

At least, the electorate will have Jack Harper for company.


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