“Governments exist for the preservation of people and property”. Dysfunctional governments do the opposite.

When the safety and livelihood of  people within the boundaries of a country are secured, the government of that country is secured and prosperous. When the property (in its various forms) contained within that country is utilised to increase its wealth, the said government is prosperous economically on a continual basis.

The economy of a nation is subjected to various “knocks and bruises” happening globally. A nation is bound to experience fluctuations in its economic cycle and lifespan. Therefore, the momentum of economic growth and development must be kept up on a continual basis. This is to ensure the said nation’s prosperity doesn’t take relentless beatings on all fronts when all things do not remain the same.

Things will never remain the same on all fronts on a continuous basis. Nations should adopt this mantra in their economic spheres: In real life, nothing is permanent. If they were, we would be gods walking on earth.

Man’s ingenuity and continuous progress in prosperous economic matters are being put to the test when all things do not remain the same. Profits for businesses around the world are being dented. Investors are being spooked by “ghostly” events unfolding in the global economy. The flow of money is tight. Confidence is being literally battered at a time when confidence-building measures yield nothing.

Trade pacts among various nations are being sealed to keep those nations economically relevant in the coming uncertain times. Really spooky, huh?

Fear not! Man has overcome and he will overcome! Hmm……….


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