An economy of a country is tied up with its politics. The politics and the economy of a country can never be separated. Economics started off as Political Economy. When we upset one, the other will be affected too.

An ordinary citizen doesn’t have to be an economist or a genius to understand the direction of the economy of a country. Even a simple layman without an education will tell you the outcome of things on the economic front in the long-run. He doesn’t need to know how demand and supply determine the price of a product or service. And neither is he well versed about Econometrics to grapple with the workings of an economy. He is totally ignorant of Price Ceilings and Price Floors mandated by governments to monitor price levels during certain times, for when things go wrong economically, either he will hit through the roof or he will crash to the ground flat. He is just a simple layman who understands in simple terms the vagaries of life and its outcome for better or worse.

Unluckily, the custodians of power in a country show the greatest imbecility in the running of a country. They are drunk with power and they are full of greed. Their demise is written in the stars, and yet they choose to hang on to power with every sinew in their being. The leeches, who are the corrupt politician’s beneficiaries, will pander to the needs and guiles (in various forms) of their political masters. Both the corrupt politicians and their leeches look like bloody fools in the end.

So long as the politicians are not transparent to the electorate on the state of a nation’s economy, the rhetoric spewed up by the politicians falls on deaf ears. The politicians’ motives become suspect. Then, any right-thinking individual will have to infer that the economy of the country is in dire straits leading to a total collapse.

When non-transparent politicians have their fingers on the pulse of a nation, does the electorate know in what health that nation’s economy REALLY is?

It is even scarier when politicians have scandals involving corruption, money-laundering, etc. dogging their every step. It doesn’t help one bit when these very same politicians appoint their leeches to steer a country out of its economic malady. In that context, the total economic collapse of a country can become real.

As the political and the economic dramas unfold on a country’s stage, the electorate is taken through various scenes reminiscent and peculiar to a play. Scenes of laughter, dumb show fit for dullards, murder, gore, political stratagems, the rape of the electorate, the rapine of the country, etc. are played out splendidly by the actors in their respective roles. They are led by a Director who will lead the actors and actresses stage-by-stage towards the end of the play.

The audience, who witnesses the end of a successful play, will give a standing ovation to the actors and the Director. On the political and the economic stage of a country, however, the electorate will give a standing ovation to the political leaders entrusted with the running of a country for bringing it to a TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

And a big bravo to the citizens of the country, for they and their coming generations will be the recipients of this TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.



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