Jeez, man! What a rough ride it has been. The whole world is going topsy-turvy in economic affairs. Fluctuations, losses and inexplicable analyses concerning oil prices, stock markets, currencies, etc. keep hurling surprises, shocks and setbacks on economies around the world. It keeps getting worse and unpredictable. Something ain’t right.

When many effects send economies around the world scrambling for answers, it doesn’t make sense. It’s like the whole world is going cuckoo. Leaders in industry, business and government give only half-baked answers and rhetoric. Their analyses come to nought when economic events strike like bolts of lightning out of nowhere. And these economic events affect other countries and their economies too. That’s globalisation, buddy! Get used to it!

During these uncertain times of economic events revealing the worst side of us, it is wise to SHUT UP. Go with the flow. See where it leads. One thing’s for sure, it ain’t leading anywhere. I’m not being pessimistic. It’s hard to stay optimistic in these difficult times. For more than a year, oil prices, which have taken a toll on many economies, are a good indication of how things will pan out. Some economies may even develop into pan-fish.

This is the time when governments and businesses unleash their lapdogs to go out into the markets and bite any and every piece of crumb available for them to gore. These lapdogs will strum their guitars and sing many songs about the fundamentals of their respective economies. Guess what? In some countries, their economic fundamentals have taken a terrible thrashing. In some other countries, however, their economic fundamentals are already dead.

These lapdogs are just deviating the attention of the public in the respective economies away from the real causes relating to their economic losses. How would one explain the falling oil prices for more than a year now, huh? Act of God? “God is dead.” – Nietzsche. Ain’t no God is going to save these economies now. How about a Gorgon? You are out on your own, buddy!

What are these economies gonna do now, huh? Sit and pray? Go fishing? (Remember the pan-fish?) Go mountain-climbing? Think, buddy! Think!


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