The element of thinking pervades any and every culture on earth. When someone is not taught how to think along logical lines in his culture, he cannot survive in his culture or in the culture of another. Thus, it is imperative that a person is taught how to think in a logical order as this will stand him or her in good stead in later life.

How one is instructed to think logically is an important element in teaching, learning as well as training. The knowledge that is imparted must include how to help one think clearly and logically. If the knowledge imparted doesn’t include the element of thinking logically, it is useless knowledge no matter how it is imparted.

When confronted with a real-life problem, we think to find a way out. We think to find a solution. This is the realistic and pragmatic approach to solve any problem. We don’t resort to fun to find a solution. Will knowledge imparted through fun provide a solution?

Thinkers are learners and they don’t learn in a fun environment. If fun promotes learning, everything in this world should be very rosy, smooth sailing and devoid of any problems or challenges.

The whole crux of teaching and learning is to stimulate the student’s thinking. That is what differentiates man from beast. If there is no thinking, there is no learning. To stimulate a student’s thinking, the scientific method has been successfully employed into the teaching and learning field.

A student is led step-by-step in a logical order to think of solutions to everyday problems or challenges cropping up incessantly. Teaching is an art as well as a science. The teachers who don’t stimulate the students’ thinking are in the business of producing automatons and machines. When a student is taught how to think for himself and for a society’s greater good as a whole, he is a blessing to mankind as he will find ways and means to uplift himself and his society.

All this can only be achieved through an educational system which teaches and trains the student how to think. As such, fun definitely has no place whatsoever in an educational system which promotes thinking.

Students and workers who contribute to a nation’s well-being should adopt a culture of THINKING. Societies around the world today expect educational excellence to adapt to their younger generations. This is a fallacy and some of these societies are now reaping what they have sown in the education of their young.

The world demands thinkers who can solve problems on the economic, financial and social fronts. All the researches in the world come to nought if the people cannot solve their day-to-day problems or challenges.

Societies that pamper their young and wait for them to “grow up” are shooting themselves in their own feet. The world is not a bus that waits for others to board. We should wait at the bus stop before it comes. When the bus comes, we board it and go forward to our required destination, which is progress.


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