Many incompetent and pseudo English language experts with a string of doctorates in disciplines related to English language have come to Malaysia to teach English to Malaysians. They have been teaching English using the CLT Approach to Malaysians since 1970. But the practical results in English proficiency and usage amongst Malaysians till today is still ZERO.

The country is managed and run by mostly English-educated Malaysians who studied English via its grammar, sentence-structures, etc. Otherwise, the country would have gone economically caput a long time ago.

The CLT Approach with grammar study embedded in it has failed to deliver the much needed English proficiency and usage amongst Malaysians, who are non-native speakers of the language. Its failure only shows its unsuitability and uselessness. Foreigners are being duped in broad daylight. If the CLT Approach, which places emphasis on communicative tasks, cannot deliver the practical results in English proficiency in the Malaysian context for the past 45 years, what can it possibly deliver to other foreign nations where English isn’t the first language?

Even Malaysians, who teach English using the CLT Approach, are no better than the native speakers. That shows how knowledgeable they really are in the subject matter that is the English language. They can’t prove any practical and tangible results in the form of English proficiency and usage using the CLT Approach in Malaysia. Yet, these pseudo experts with their doctorates have the gall to deride the study of grammar in the English language.

In Malaysia, when these pseudo English experts open their mouths, they spew out only garbage. And some of them are spreading this same garbage on-line where they teach the gullible non-native speakers.

Would a country implement the same economic policies for 45 years when they don’t deliver the practical and tangible economic progress for its population?

Sane and sensible Malaysians know damn well these pseudo native English speakers for what they really are – fake.

English language proficiency is gained only through hard work. Non-native speakers have to realise this. And that hard work involves studying its grammar, sentence-structures, vocabulary, reading, etc. One can never write English well if one doesn’t know how to construct sentences in the language. Grammar is an aid to help one write English sentences clearly and correctly. Only then is one able to write an essay of 250 to 300 words clearly and correctly. Only then is one able to write e-mails, memos, formal letters and reports in a business setting or work environment. Even native speakers MUST learn grammar to write in English well.

Expressing oneself in the written form is even more important than expressing oneself in the spoken form in this current connected world of ours. Just as people sum us up in the first thirty seconds by our appearance, they sum us up by the way we write and present ourselves as well as our organisations via business correspondence.


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