Of all the four skills in a language, which help an individual the most to express his or her ideas and feelings to others?

The two most important skills are speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are the Transmission Skills. In order for one to transmit one’s ideas and feelings to others effectively, a good command in the said language is essential. Of course, listening and reading play an important part in language too. They are the Reception Skills. But speaking and writing help one to accomplish one’s purpose.

Clarity in speaking and writing is achieved by dint of effort in language learning. It rewards handsomely if the language is learned in a methodical and logical manner. And it applies even more to a language like English which is the indisputable world language at present.

One may possess all the knowledge pertaining to one’s vocation but if one lacks the powers of expression, one is very much handicapped to compete locally and globally. Thus, the powers of expression in the transmission skills in a language are very much enhanced when one has learned a language logically.


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