I view training as a solution as well as a learning process.

If training is not a solution, then WHAT is it? If training is not a learning process, then WHAT is it?

For the participants, isn’t training the opportunity to learn something more than they already know or acquire something that they didn’t know in the first place? In that context, doesn’t training equate to a solution provider? a solution for the staff and the organisation?

Trainers are solution providers. Therefore, competent trainers are a must to provide some kind of solution but not a complete solution.

Based on the scientific method, a scientist will test and re-test a hypothesis, which is really a theory or suggestion, over and over again to see if the outcome is the same in different situations. If the desired outcome is not the same, he will abandon the hypothesis and construct a new one to be tested and re-tested to see if the outcome is the same. But the scientist will not stick to the same hypothesis forever if the desired outcome differs.

The scientific method is also very much prevalent in teaching, learning and training. It is a part of teaching and learning any subject matter. Hence, I use it as an effective tool in gauging the capabilities and strengths of a prospective student or participant before and after teaching or training. I conduct a programme by preparing materials which are suited for the prospective participants. Participants have differing capabilities. I don’t adopt a “one size fits all” policy.

The positive feedback that I get from participants convinces me that the scientific method which I use in conducting training programmes works superbly. Thus, my sticking to the scientific method as the outcome is always the same in different situations with participants of differing capabilities.

As teachers or trainers in the field of education or training, we are required to show the relationship or connection inherent in a learning situation. Only then, the student or participant will act accordingly to achieve the best results. Even the American educational psychologist Thorndike has proven that with his various experiments in learning. Thorndike wrote, “LEARNING IS CONNECTING. THE MIND IS MAN’S CONNECTION SYSTEM.”

The success of a training programme lies in the presentation and delivery of a subject-matter in a logical order. A logical order of presentation has a definite place in the teaching and training world.

There is nothing complex about the scientific method. It was the province of science in the beginning. As time went on, it was successfully adopted in the teaching and learning profession.

One does not jump to the complex. One has to proceed from the simple to the complex. One who proceeds thus has a better grasp of the problem and how it needs to be solved by the use of proper resources available at hand.

A true educational excellence is attained by the adoption of the scientific method in the subjects being studied. One is required to think logically as to what is the best course suited to solve a problem.

A training programme should be results-based. It is the results delivered by performers who are competent trainers and solution providers.


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