The need to express oneself in written and spoken English depends on this S-V-O code. All one has to do is to learn what makes an S, a V and an O in order to master the English language. These constituent parts when joined together make a complete sentence that makes sense in the English language. Advanced work on sentence building comes later.

It all sounds easy, doesn’t it? Why do many people still struggle to string complete sentences which make sense in the English language? The answer is very obvious. They have not learned what part of speech S and O belong to. As for the V, they are totally lost in the wilderness of English learning. It is the V that presents innumerable headaches to a prospective learner of English. The V is so slick that it can even conceal itself in three or four words. In the interrogative sentence, it hits you even harder. One can get lost while trying to search for the V.

The gist of the matter is that any sentence in the English language can never be constructed without the aid of a V. You can even construct a complete sentence which makes sense just with one V. For example, Run. or Stop.

Master what makes the V and the rest is easy in the English language. Every sentence in the English language is built around the verb. When one has the necessary knowledge of the parts of speech, the study of English becomes a labour of love. It is like poetry in motion. Crack this S-V-O code and you are on the way to learn English without much hassle.

By the way, S stands for Subject, V stands for Verb and O stands for Object.

By Ranjit Singh Thind


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