Skill in communication is a basic requirement for progress and success in business as well as in all of the professions. Our culture and our whole civilisation are based on communication. Today, in our busy and hectic lives we must succeed or fail in direct relation to our ability to express our thoughts clearly and concisely.

Imagination and creative thinking are of value only to the extent that they can be communicated to others in understandable language. Other qualifications being relatively equal, the young man or young woman who has learned to write well will soon establish his or her superiority. They will earn more money, be advanced more quickly and achieve a higher position in business.

The success of many business executives is obviously attributable to their skill in speaking and writing. It is the rare exception today that a man or a woman without this ability can rise to an important position. Even those whose formal education was limited have improved their situations through extensive study and reading.

The English language, then, is more than a means of communication; it is a requirement if you wish to be accepted socially. Business wants men and women who can speak and write well. Executives, employment managers and personnel men show a strong preference for applicants who can express themselves unhesitatingly and clearly.



  • To give one the fundamentals of effective expression and communication as they apply principally – but not exclusively – to business.
  • To acquaint one with those daily situations and problems that are set forth in business letters.
  • To help one to increase his vocabulary – particularly his knowledge of essential business terms.
  • To establish a greater consciousness for correct spelling, punctuation and meaning of words.
  • To enhance the written English aspects by imparting the correct grammatical techniques.




This topic is a requirement for speaking and writing good English. The ability to convey ideas and proposals in a clear form is indispensable in the business world. Therefore, exercises suited to enhance the eight parts of speech, which form the substance of English learning will serve to improve the participant’s spoken and written English.


This topic is covered to test and thereafter enhance the participant’s skill in constructing sentences in English.


This topic is geared towards the participant’s knowledge and application of his stock of words. The mastery of words helps the participant to select words at his command which best reflect the intended meaning to be conveyed to others.


The essential qualities underlying effective letter writing and letter structure are covered.


The meaning of reports and the kinds of reports are covered.


Everyday situational dialogues in English, role-play and correcting common errors in Spoken English are tested.


Learning to spell words used mostly in the business context correctly and also identifying errors are covered.


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