How does one learn a language? This question is often posed by many but only a handful can answer it.  To begin, learning a language requires a lot of hard work, patience and time. Even though all these qualities are in place, it will be of no value if it is not supported by a proper methodology that equips the prospective learner to master the rudiments of the language thoroughly. In Malaysia, what is lacking the most is a proper method of learning English.

The only true way to master a language, be that any language, is to gain a good grounding in the grammar and syntax of that language. Without grammar and syntax, one only has a superficial knowledge of the English language. Therefore, it is important to include both of them in the study of the English language. And this, I have endeavoured to do to my utmost in my English Language programmes.

Apart from grammar and syntax, there are other branches as well to be considered in the study of the English language. They are vocabulary, composition, spelling, punctuation, communicative aspects, etc. Reading good books and poetry also enhance one’s grasp and fluency of the English language. All this serves well towards the development of the individual and boosts his confidence level to speak and write English in an effective manner.

Much literature and methods are being promoted in the marketplace of how best to learn English in a short time. All types of activity methods, visual or oral aids and the use of expensive apparatus do not guarantee the mastery of the English language or for that matter any language. Slick or ultra progressive methods do not prevail in learning a language except in so far that a smattering of conversational ability may be achieved. Let us face up to the fact that the acquisition of a language arrives by dint of careful and exacting study. If you are expecting to hear about short cuts to learning the English language, you are doomed to disappointment.


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