English Language Training (ELT) is a training programme adapted to the actual conditions and attainments of working adults as well as tertiary students who are keen to improve their English language proficiency. It deals with the simplest forms of the sentence and proceeds by easy steps to the construction of the enlarged simple, compound and complex sentences. The ELT is a 120-hour programme that covers in extensive detail the nitty-gritty of English for learners who are keen on a serious study of the language.

Suitable exercises of a varied and interesting type which relate to the study of grammar and sentence structures are included in this training. It will show the practical use of sentences in holding conversation and writing good English.

And since we speak and write in sentences, it’s only natural that we begin by composing sentences before we are able to speak fluently.


  • It is a programme that delves in the practical use of English in the work and social environments.
  • Grammar lessons are designed to aid composition and sentence construction.
  • Lessons are designed for mastery of the various sentence patterns of English.
  • Progressive exercises in the functional uses of words, phrases and sentence forms in speech and writing are the substance of this programme.
  • A participant will learn how words can be built up into phrases and sentences that will express his thoughts, feelings and ideas exactly.
  • Group discussions and understanding tests are incorporated to gauge the participant’s level of achievement.
  • After the completion of this programme, a participant will be able to express himself confidently in the written and spoken forms of English.


  1. On completion of the training, participants will be able to distinguish the various parts of speech which fall under the province of Grammar.
  2. The section on Vocabulary helps participants to differentiate between nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives in sentences.
  3. Spelling and Punctuation will help participants make less mistakes when they are writing sentences.
  4. Participants will learn the basic way of presenting their thoughts, feelings and ideas in a clear and lucid form as covered in the Essentials of Composition.

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